Here are links to some friendly, useful, and entertaining websites in no particular order:

I See Hawks In L.A.-- As if there weren't enough links to I See Hawks already on the Calendar page. The band I've been in longer than any other band I've ever been in.

Teresa James-- A fabulous singer

Johnny Tillotson-- A star in the musical universe.

Robert Heft -- Fine guitarist. Great site

Tonya Watts -- Tonya Watts rocks country.

Comstock Records -- Production and promotion.

Pete Huttlinger-- Solo guitar you must hear to believe! We miss Pete every day, but he left a legacy of fantastic music!

Dean Dobbins--

John David--

Lisa Finnie--

Eddy Mitchell

Stringwalker Lutherie-- David will fix up your instrument so it plays like a dream. Or he'll build you a new one. Great craftsmanship. Reasonably priced repairs well worth driving to Rosamond for.

In Memoriam

Dick Fegy 1950-2001

John Pechickjian 1951-2000

Archie Francis-- Legendary drummer, writer, actor, humorist, corn collector and bon vivant. Archie passed away 2010. We'll miss him a lot.
This is a Youtube video with Archie singing the song we wrote, "Money In The Bank".

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