I See Hawks In L.A.
L to R: Paul Lacques, Rob Waller, Paul Marshall, Brantley Kearns
At the Neighborhood Church, Pasadena, CA, January 10, 2004 (photo by Mona)

Paul and Charlie McGovern in Austin, SXSW 2006

L to R: Angie Monroe, Paul Marshall, Peter Klimes
At the Santa Clarita VFW, May 4, 2003

L to R: John McDuffie, Lynn Coulter, Jeff Winter, Lucas Cheadle, Paul Marshall
At the Viva Cantina, June 24, 2002

Backing up Fred Willard at Elvis's Birthday Party, House Of Blues

Ray Campi rides his bass at the House Of Blues
behind Ray L to R: Skip Edwards, Harry Orlove, Paul (playing Ray's guitar!)

Paul and Rebekah Florence at The High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, California (Summer 2000)

At The High Sierra Music Festival

Paul and John Beland (Flying Burrito Brothers) at a recording session

L to R: Scott, PJ, Stefanie, Steve, and Paul

my old pal, Doug Freeman

The Strawberry Alarm Clock from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
The party scene with the "Carrie Nations"

Lee, Paul and Lee, circa 1973. (l to r: Paul Marshall, Lee Gaffney, Lee Freeman)

(San Francisco, August, 2003, l to r: Paul Marshall, Lee and Jane Freeman)

Pete, Dave, Celia, Paul in Swindon, England at the Beehive

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